Beware Of These Metal Roof Installation Errors

Metal roofs are more popular than they have ever been. More and more homeowners are choosing metal roofing systems for the immense benefits they offer..

The most attractive benefit of a metal roof is its longevity. It is eco-friendly, easier to maintain, hail and fire resistant and much more. You can only enjoy these perks if the metal roof installation was free of any errors.

Just like any other roofing material, metal has its disadvantages too. The first and foremost in the upfront cost. Other disadvantages can get worse when you hire inexperienced roofers. You may find yourself looking for metal roof contractor in San Diego.

 If you want your metal roof to be a definite ROI, find a reliable and experienced metal roof installer. They should not be making any of the following mistakes.

1. Poorly Installed Fasteners And Clips

The most common error is the poor installation of fasteners and clips. This can lead to roof leaks. The penetrations in the metal roof can give entryway to rainwater when they are not secured.

 Some of the errors can be due to off-center fasteners where the screw does not fit in the center. Fasteners should not be under-tightened or over-tightened.

 Check that fasteners are being installed into appropriate clips and pre-drilled purlins.

2. Imprecise Measurements And Cuts

The number one mistake for retrofit is not taking precise dimensions on the existing roof. It is important to measure the outer perimeter and the existing profile of the roof panels.

A reliable roofing contractor would identify potential conflicts with roof penetrations and other obstacles before the installation. Skylight locations, vents their modularity with the new metal roof rib spacing should be assessed.

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3. Improper Sealing

Metal panels need to be sealed together for water-resistant structures. Flashing is used as a transitional material providing a watertight provided installed correctly.

If there are any errors in sealing, a strong windstorm can cause the roof to blow off. Heavy-duty sealants and butyl tape should be used for securing metal panels.

4. Oil Canning

A metal roof can buckle and that is named as oil canning. It may not affect the structural integrity of the metal roof but can significantly reduce the curb appeal.

Oil canning can be due to many reasons involving the manufacturing process. It can be reduced when the roofing contractor takes care of some important details.

A thicker metal sheet should be used. Stretched metal should be used as a roofing material. A professional installer will be knowledgeable about the ways to avoid it. 

5. Scuffing And Scratching

A metal roof can easily scuff or scratch during the slitting, recoiling or transport. A competent metal roofing manufacturer and installer know the importance of using edge guards. They handle coils and panels with extreme care to avoid any scratches.

6. Corrosion

A corroded metal roof cannot be brought back to the original shape even by the best roof repair in San Diego. You need to replace such a roof. A reliable contractor would never use dissimilar metal to encourage corrosion.

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Travis Lawson is a vice president of roofing operations in a renowned metal roofing company. He has an undying passion to write informative content for the homeowners. He believes in making informed decisions.

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